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Customize your own applications to include specific information that is essential to making an appropriate hiring decision.

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Easily compare each candidate in one convenient dashboard, allowing you to quickly to decide to save or eliminate.

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Quickly hire the right candidate for your organization by collaborating with your team and selecting the best match for your unique needs.

Smart Hire

How it works?

Offering a Seamless Connection Between Applicants and Hiring Manager

Candidates can land a job up to 3x faster by ensuring that hiring managers have the exact answers they need in one convenient location. Hiring Team saves time and Candidate’s stand out. A connection is instantly established. 

What we offer?

Professional Development For Everyone

Inspired by the everyday struggles that hiring managers face. Powered by job seekers who desire to stand out as a professional. Perfect for everyone. 


Gauge each candidate’s unique compatibility


Quickly find the right hire and reduce costly turnover

Simply the hiring process with AI


Easily evaluate each candidate on one seamless page

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Made to Fit All Needs

Any Industry, Any Locations

Whether you are searching for a job in agriculture or rocket science and engineering, your Cleversow Smart Profile makes it easy to stand out among the competition and get notices by hiring managers anywhere.

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