About Us

About us

Our Mission

To leverage advanced AI solutions to make the time-consuming components of job application and candidate assessment so simple and effective that it is the de facto central repository for all hiring activity

Why now?

75% of the global workforce will be made up of millennials by 2025. This generation is highly motivated to replace the status quo. Three-quarters of executives (74%) currently point to digital HR, including the complete redesign of HR tools and services, as a top priority. Cleversow offers the most aggressive, yet common-sense approach for improving critically flawed hiring practices.

Our Team

Among our team of techies, designers and data scientists, we too are hiring managers. We have come to slay the dragon that feeds on lengthy resumes, bad interviews and poorly designed AI. Our experience in workforce planning, natural language processing, next generation user interfaces, advanced analytics, business process automation, and securing sensitive data allow us to integrate those disciplines and create a unique and disruptive solution.


john frieda

Co Founder


allen greene


david louis

Interior Designer

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