Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started Guide includes resources to help you customize your account, add hiring managers as users, post & advertise jobs online, review & communicate with applicants, and hire great employees.

Customize Your Account 

Making a great first impression with job seekers is important to attracting top talent for your open positions. To make it easy we build a standard template. 

  • Add your company’s logo and company’s banner image. select a matching color scheme and customize the Intro Text on your Careers Page
  • Set up custom Workflow Options to match your internal recruiting process

Click here for more information on customizing your account.

Create & Advertise Your Job Postings

Get your job postings online so you can start getting applicants for your positions. Once you have a job posting created, you can even import applicants so you can use all of our applicant management and communication features right away.

  • Create a new job posting
  • Advertise your positions
  • Import applicants

Create a Candidate Assessment Test to Your Job Postings 

Get a head start on evaluating your candidate by assessing specific knowledge, abilities and experience. If you have your own questionnaire, proceed to the appropriate section(s) and build your own CCAT. You’ll also see options to choose the Clever AI suggested questions to mix-and-match — or simply ask Cleversow to build the assessment for your job posting.

  • Create a CCAT

Adding Users

Get your entire hiring team involved in the process so everyone saves time. You can assign users different permission levels to give them the access they need to contribute to the hiring process.

  • Add hiring managers to your job postings
  • Add team members to the posting 

Review & Communicate with Applicants 

Once you have applicants, review, compare, rate, and communicate with applicants.

  • Review applicants
  • Rate applicants
  • Assign applicants a workflow status
  • Communicate with applicants

Hire Great Employees 

Once you’ve found that perfect applicant, mark them as hired and start the employee onboarding process.

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