Value Proposition

Hire better with Cleversow

Standard Resume Review
Individually submitted resumes come in a variety of formats and lengths. Sifting through each to find relevant information is an arduous process.
Snapshot Review
Rapid Resume Review (R3) quickly reads random resumes and displays content for each in a standard format -- so they're easy to compare side by side.
Low Personalization
Words on a page don't show enough about the real person being evaluated. A resume and cover letter only hint about how the candidate presents in real life.
Smart Profile with Intro Video
Every candidate profile has an intro video embedded. Get to know the real person. See how they present their experience and their talents. Save time by skipping an intro call
Mediocore AI Keyword Matching
Sifting through job candidates by keyword match is unreliable. Good candidates fall through the cracks, while those who keyword stuff are rewarded with misplaced attention from the hiring team
Resume Ranker
Multi-dimensional Clever AI evaluates and ranks resumes so that it's easy to compare the best matches. Experience, education, job descriptions, video content, prior roles and skills are efficiently analyzed by Clever AI
Company culture is an Afterthought
Once a poorly applied AI tool identifies who to consider, the hiring team reads resumes and looks for clues about the candidates compatibility with company culture
Professional Compatibility Tool
Candidates' answer to a questionnaire illuminates the candidate's culture fit to the company
Unstructured Hiring Evaluations
Too often, hiring teams lack the framework required to perform as a team. As candidates pass from HR to recruiters and hiring managers, it's not surprising that evaluations are done in silos, and candidate assessments lack cohesion
Hiring Team Coordination
A simple, coordinated candidate evaluation process build into the platform. Give a thumbs up & make a comment, so that each candidate has a history of evaluations,which keeps all efforts integrated and on track.
Job Candidates Fee lost
Job seekers are searching in the dark. Most job candidates are intimidated by a hiring process with such little feedback and so much conflicting advice.
Empowering Job Candidates
Cleversow supports job candidates. AI video analysis offers feedback and suggestions so candidates can improve their presentation. Sharp looking Smart Profile comes with customized URL, so candidates can offer a webpage that outperforms a resume
Tracking Candidate Process Is Tough
Hiring teams consist of different roles and departments, often weighing in on different platforms and communication channels. Candidate status and scheduling can get rough
Clever Candidate Process Tracking
Simple system to schedule interviews with top candidates who advance. Automated emails and scheduling saves time and keep everyone on the same page
Made to Fit All Needs

Any Industry, Any Locations

Whether you are searching for a job in agriculture or rocket science and engineering, your Cleversow Smart Profile makes it easy to stand out among the competition and get notices by hiring managers anywhere.

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