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Hiring Calculator

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We are tech-savvy who are passionate to build smart opportunities for every individual of the global workforce and also to educate the masses on professionalism for the betterment of work-life and culture. 

Traditional Way CLEVERSOW
Time taken from Resume Screen to Technical Round (in minutes) 0 0
Time to Schedule for Phone Interviews 2 Weeks 1 Weeks

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Total number of minutes from Resume screening to Technical round
0 0
Additional time needed for scheduling & candidate coordination
2 weeks 1 week
What we offer?

Professional Development For Everyone

Inspired by the everyday struggles that hiring managers face. Powered by job seekers who desire to stand out as a professional. Perfect for everyone. 

Not Just Another ATS

Clever AI Sets Cleversow Apart

Whether you’re hiring an accountant, a systems engineer or a rocket scientist, Cleversow helps you do it better, and faster.

Using input from both candidates and hiring managers alike to train our really clever AI not only simplifies the hiring process, but makes it more human. Register today and see for yourself!

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