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AI Recruiting Software for Efficient Hiring Process 

Cleversow simplifies the job of a hiring manager and makes it easy to access the key information that you need from each individual applicant. To accomplish this, we have implemented a few exclusive features into our platform.

Rapid Resume Review

Video Profiles

All resumes are converted to standard single page intro video embedded snapshots like

Clever Ranking

AI relevance ranking helps to determine which candidates deserve attention first.

Clever ATS

Team Coordination and following through the candidate is simplified and made efficient. 

End-End Hiring Process

Smart Job Post

AI-powered tools guide hiring managers with posts. The crowd-sourced intelligence suggests optimized communication of job descriptions and required candidate criteria

Clever Candidate Assessment Tests

A modular assessment test across 5 sections that offers the ability to plug in customized questions or lean on pre-set questions developed by Clever AI.

Background Checks

Coming Soon


Cleversow seeks to lead the way in artificial intelligence driven assessment of role/candidate fit.  We have developed highly innovative modules to power each step of the hiring process. 

The Cleversow name incorporates our cornerstone belief that “You reap what you sow” coupled with our vision for using really clever AI to create a healthy, sustainable ecosystem for businesses that rely on talent acquisition to fuel growth

time is money

Cleversow values your time. Hiring team can work from highest-percentage match outward and investing time wisely with a good chance of a high yield.

What sets up apart

Many  ATS systems do well with organizing and tracking applicants.   Some of them include access to a network of candidates.   A few of them include video, skills and team fit assessments.  Cleversow brings all these advantages together in a single, intelligent-platform, where users on both sides are assisted by AI every step of the way.

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