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Cleversow simplifies the job of a hiring manager and makes it easy to access the key information that you need from each individual applicant. To accomplish this, we have implemented a few exclusive features into our services that other sites don’t offer. 

Profile Comparison

Comparable Profile Snapshots

All resumes you receive are conveniently converted into standard, single-page snapshots that are easy to read and review. After you have selected your top candidates, you shouldn’t have to flip between multiple tabs or look over a plié of papers. Now, you can compare your top candidates side-by-side on one seamless page.

Video integrated Profiles

Reviewing applicants and finding the best employee now includes quickly seeing who uniquely matches your specific requirements, and therefore is likely to stay the longest in your company. Each applicant is requested to respond to a professional compatibility test and update their profile by adding a short intro video that allows you to save time by skipping the introductory interview and enjoy an easier evaluation.

Compatibility  is the key
Ranked candidates by different attributes

Ranked by Relevance

When you take a look at all the applicants from a job posting, see how they rank in comparison with the specific job requirements you set out. This “relevance ranking” helps to determine which deserve attention first, and which might not require attention at all. 

Seamless Team Co-ordination

The hiring process typically isn’t decision by only one person. There’s a team of people who either need to (or would like to) give individual input. With Cleversow, your team can review job applications together via liking/disliking and commenting on individual candidates. 

Team coordination plays a key role
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Efficiently Automated Systems

After you’ve selected your top candidates, scheduling interviews and confirming all information can often be very tedious. Cleversow simplifies the entire process, with our automated email and scheduling system that saves you invaluable time.

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